Stormcloak Question (SPOILERS)

I chose the Stormcloaks over the Imperials.  I bought a house in Whiterun and filled it with my Dragon Bones.  After the Stormcloaks took over Whiterun, I can't get to my house.  Are all my belongings I left in my house gone for good? 


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Omg hope not!!! lol, i have over 20 bones and scales in my bedroom chest

I was able to get to my house after all.  Panic over.


heyy....I'm just doing "rescue from fort neugrad"...the bit where you have to sneak in through the underwater cave...and so off I go, carefully sneaking towards the objective (tried all angles)...and for the life of me I just can't get anywhere near that lake without it telling me I failed that sneak objective....and I don't get spotted or anything like that...just fail! it just a buggy objective and I should just move on with the next objective?...or am I just doing it wrong?

Wait, stormcloaks over run solitude not windhelm ? I'm doing that quest at the moment :)