Stormcloak or Imperials?

I am having some trouble picking sides. I know it isn't the main quest, but I still want this to be a nice playthrough and I want to make sure I pick the good guys. Who do you consider to be the good guys? I was already thinking about joining Stormcloaks, but I play as an Imperial and it wouldn't seem right. As well as some violent history with Ulrich and the other Stormcloaks. The Imperials bug me due to some abusive power and the fact that they're on the side of the Dominion (Elves that hate humans). And I ABSOLUTELY hate the Dominion! But if you get to know the Imperials, they seem like a normal empire and haven't done much wrong. The only thing I really hate about them is them siding witht he Elves (banning Talos, etc.) Who do you think I should pick? Also, I would like to know who you picked and here your opinion about the two. Just for the fun of it. :)


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Can't edit my post, sorry. But I am also getting the idea from a few NPCs that Stormcloaks only want Skyrim for the Nords? It makes it weird for an Imperial to fight for them.

My character is a Wood Elf and I joined the Stormcloaks. It wasn't till after I did that I talked to the towns people and realized that they hate Elves  :/

It seems that NPCs aren't aware of what race you are (other then when you walk past them will they mention your race).

who do the stormcloaks actually like?

From what I have seen. It seems they only care about Nords having Skyrim for themselves. I am starting to think differently about the Stormcloaks. I just wish the race you pick changes the way NPCs think of you. Would make the game more interesting.

Imperial, Stormcloaks seem to anger me.

Later on in the main quest you have a negotiation mission.

Ill leave it at, The stormcloaks come off as whiney racist b***es.


At first I thought, oh they are the guys fighting for freedom!
I was going to join them, but i held off choosing a side for awhile.
The longer you talk to either side the more you learn the Stormcloaks are trying to do a racial cleansing.

The reason your race doesn't matter is because the developers wanted to make it so that none of your initial choices matter. This is nice because it means you don't have to read a 30 page guide on creating the ultimate character you can just start the game do whatever you want and fix it later.

Basically they just wanted to simplify character creation. Also it would be annoying if you chose a character because of appearance and/or perks and content was affected because of that.

I picked the Stormcloaks because I always go for the rebels. Although I gotta admit, the more I help them, the more I hate them. They're very annoying, whiny, and racist... They talk down other races and forget the fact that I'm a Breton... I personally wish I didn't have to side with either of them. I'm the damn Dragonborn, I'll take over Skyrim myself!