Storefront show off...

Good day to you.

Pimp your storefront goodies here! 

That's why I am posting... 

Forza4 is sweet, right? And so is *** Game Of Thrones!

Well combine the 2, right now, from my storefront! House sigils are available!! Stark/Lannister done, Baratheon being drawn later :)

Go shop! Gamertag; Doc Brown976      (just want someone to buy one of them, will return the favour and shop at ur store too :))


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That Stark one is nice, and for only 5,000 cR I think I'll buy it, though if you really wanted to show these off, might I recommend showing them off on the ForzaMotorsport's Forums, They have a whole section where all the artist go to show their creations :)

I've thought about posting my tunes up in here... But I'm constantly updating them and can't edit my first post indifinately.  Meaning I'd just have to keep adding to the same thread, it'd be a mess.

I Love game of thrones (on book 3 right now), I'll have o check those out. So far I have a Boston Bruins logo (Champs!) and a Black/Gold/White tear-away for the Murcielago SV

@sushisan, thankyou good sir, will give that a go...have sold a lot of the Stark logos now :)

@bottle, Yep, gotta love those books! Go buy my sigils! ;)