Store and unlocked golfer equipment question...

All I see for sale in the in game store are packs of random items at different levels... there are in game ads for specific items that are supposed to be for sale in the store, but I only see the packs...


As for unlocked golfers... when playing against them they use very interesting clubs... when I unlock them they don't have their character-specific clubs as an option... it says they are available, but not sure where to look... not in Customize Golfer and Gear menus... just curious...


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I think the loading screen adverts aren't meant to be taken seriously, just a bit off fun.  Either that or originally the online storeqallowed you to buy what you wanted, but got changed to the current system, but the adverts got forgotten about.

Until you unlock a golfer, you wont have their items available in the store....  The only reason I haven't unlocked the other 2 was to try and complete a set.  

Just saying that so far the Extreme card packs haven't given me many useful items and I'm level 101.

How many packs did you have to buy to unlock everything?   I have 4 golfers and after buying 4x Extreme and 10x elite pack purchases - I have 10/20 of the specialized items for the 4 golfers.  I did get 5 extreme boosters , 2 outfits and 8 other mostly not useful clubs.

Btw after earning another 30k in game since 99k left over from earlier did not do it. I have my first named set from dominique. 5 more to go .      i see  why some of you r over 100 like in forza 5.   it never is enough huh?

Well I feel foolish. I had the full set acheevo since February 8th. However I dont see a full set of Named or otherwise in my inventory. Odd.

Yeah I realize that. My comment was more along the line of I am not sure it is possible to complete a set until you have all golfers unlocked. I tend though in games like this to do the minimum required to unlock all golfers as soon as possible. Usually it is some kind of match play and their responses are always scripted, so often easy to beat. I am lvl155 currently but had all the golfers unlocked and playable when I was in the 50s.


I had a full set about 2 weeks ago and it took me five days after I had unlocked Dominique to get it. It was Kiara's equipment if I remember correctly. One of the last pieces I got was Frank's Rocket ball completing his set.

Thanks for the follow up.  I will try unlocking the other players before buying more cards.

Are there anymore perks other than the 6 elite ones : -20% shot speed, -20% wind, -20% bunker, -%20 rough, +75% water skip, +75% luck drop?  

Need to reanimate this old thread.

But this comment "I have now acquired all the unlockable equipment for every golfer and the Extreme pack for 60K has been replaced by an Extreme (Boosts Only) icon for 15K. No reason now to buy the Elite packs since they only have the chance of 3 Extreme Boosts per buy, unless you only have need for 3 caddie or golfer skill increases." is relevant to me.

I have spent $14.99 of real US dollars in an attempt to finally finish up my sets, since I have about 2 to 3 of each character's items. However, after one my 5th purchase now of the Extreme set, it now is switched to Extreme - Boosters Only. NOTE: I only made one purchase of 60K from the $14.99 purchase I made this weekend, before it switched over to Boosters Only. The previous 4 Extreme Booster pack purchases were from previous weeks.

I would like to know what gives? I still only have 3 to 4 of each characters full set, and not a complete set for anyone. I also have 99,000 credits I am hesitant to spend as I would prefer to spend 60K and know I am getting all extreme items for a full set, and not 15K for Elite and the chance that I will not get an item to add to a character's full set. How can I get this corrected? I was unable to find a game specific contact option for Zoe Mode.

Not that I have seen. What starts showing up after all the extreme equipment is obtained are boosts like All Stats +10%, and +20% individual stats (impact, putting, power, etc.) and Hook/Slice -20%.

Yeah, I think the adds are just there for fun but they do highlight brands and items you can win in the packs.

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