Storage problem.

Im getting the new Gears 3 console on the 20th but at the same time im going to be trading in my xbox elite 120 gb to help pay for the costs. problem is i have about 110 gb of data on the elite that i need to store until i get the new gears console, do you see the problem yet? i dont know how to get around this thing. I was thinking about going to game and saying "hey im going to be trading in an elite to help pay for this but can i take it home first to transfer the content over?" they will never let me do that. id look a flid.

any help will be "much happericated"


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Are you a regular customer of the retailer you will be trading in your console?


If so, maybe you can ask them if they have the ability to transfer the data for you upon trade-in. I would check with them first though before you actually go do your trade-in. Hope this helps.

Yeah, easy answer.

Transfer all of your Save File Data (only) to a USB Flash Drive. It shouldn't be over 16Gb in size of Save Files.

Then simply Download everything (all of your DLC/ Maps/ Game Add-ons and such) again from the Marketplace to your new Console. At the same time, complete a License Transfer so the Content will work with your new Console while Offline.

Good luck, it's an easy process and if you have any questions just ask.

Thats a good idea actually it looks like that may have to be the way,

okay but here a extension on the problem, (lol sorry) its hard to explain errrr right its my Bday the 10th next month now i know im getting this console but obviously on my birthday so for those 20 days roughly ill have to store the data from the elite then again i do have another older xbox which is a 20gb which should hold the save data. *breath in* ill have to..

move save data from elite 120gb to xbox pro 20gb sell xbox elite to help cost for gears 3 xbox play 20 gb pro until 10th next month when that day comes move save data from 20gb via usb then redownload content and transfer licences onto new gears xbox

*breath out*