It's a beta! look the word up. Stop thinking the real game is even close. I have been in many closed beta's and none and i mean none are close to the real game. Socom had a 1.5 gig patch 1 week before the full game came out and it changed 100% of the game. It was so different it took 3 days to learn all the changes that were made (MAPS, CONTROLS,FELL,FLOW!!!


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Still believe the BC2 open beta servers stress test was better then this beta.  Probably cause there was vehicles to get the full idea of the game.  A map with no vehicles just reminds me of cod/moh.  DICE could of sold more product just giving us Caspian Border.  Ya know people wanted them jets!  That would of sold tons of extra copies right there.  

Not true...  I have fallen under the map near first base A crate - looked like 25 yards under...  Had to suicide, as I could not move...  Tried jumping, running then jumping, crawling, no matter what i could not get out...

Most of the time I can get back up in other places but not by A crate...

you couldnt get out because you didnt try. every time i end up underneath the map, i get out. I even recorded this.

Actually the final game is almost identical to the beta, with improvements but still largely the same. It's not really a great excuse to say that the beta was horrible because it's a beta... the beta is horrible because it really is horrible.


Final game or not, this beta definitely showed me that the new Frostbite 2.0 engine is just too much for the Xbox 360. I'll be waiting quite some time to pick it up... After Elder Scrolls and maybe sometime before Mass Effect 3?

Complaining on a video game forum...what has this world come too? :)

Man, this beta feels like battlefield 1942.  There is no way in hell they are going to be able to improve the graphics a few weeks out.  The gameplay feel clumsy and weak.

the Homefront forums are a ghost town man....heh

[quote user="II PARALLAX II"]

I loudly voiced my complaints about Homefront on both the XBL Homefront forums and on the KAOS site as well......and if BF3 does turn out to suck it will be the same......not only have I already paid for my copies of BF3, but also the LE MOH....and never got the early beta access......did get a "heartfelt" apology from DICE and a telephone admission of error on their part for not giving me my early beta code......anyway, I've spent $180 so far for BF3 ($60 for MOH, and $120 for two copies of BF3)...and if this game sucks, I ain't gonna be happy....and they will hear from me on more than one form of media...


fortunately, I'm fairly confident that the final product will be just fine.....but if it's not...see above

[/quote]Homefront was a turd and should have had a public Beta.  BF3 will kick butt at launch.  I've seen too many quality videos to think differently.  This is a Beta to test servers and bugs, not to show off the game.  I've been away from these forums for months and the same whining is still going on.  People are so spoiled when it comes to gaming.  These games look fantastic and people b*tch all day long.  Some folks around here need a life to be honest.  LOL

I admit that this particular beta was a very bad idea imo, but do you people honestly think the final retail version of BF3 is going to be chalk full of glitches and bugs like the half-@ssed beta is? Like I've said before, I can't ever remember any new finished BF game ever being full of bugs and glitches remotely like the beta is. The finished game should be fine.

[quote user="KraniumKrusher1"]

I was literally stuck underneath a map, unable to get out of the glitch I was in. I was running underneath the map and shooting enemy's while they couldnt see me. This was the only fun ive had on this game.


So it was you who endet the game 40-0 ? lol

See, that's what I'm talking about. I want to believe that this game is going to be great. But the shadow of doubt...

Seriously, from what i've seen so far this looks much worse than Homefront E*V*E*R was (and I really liked Homefront!).

I dont wanna flame. I really, deeply wish BF3 is going to be great. I want this game to be great. I'm tired of MW2. I want Tanks, Battlefields, Jets and all that stuff. And I know DICE can do it. After all I liked DICE's Medal of Honor MP (I got only frustrated on the massive spawn-killing - especially those with motar-strikes lol but I felt this was mostly map design failure). Perhaps it would be a good idea to pick this game up in let's say 6 months when the worst bugs and glitches are fixed? I don*t know... This BETA just leaves a very bad taste in my mouth...

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