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This game is actually really great for a lot of reasons. I appreciate that we are given new ways to move about our environment and engage others in combat. I do, however, dislike how the Titanfall community continually compares this game to CoD. Let's try to accept this game for the great attempt at shooting innovation that is and cut our ties with CoD.


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I was a die hard cod fan and yes this game can't be compared to any cod with exception of the custom class set up and prestige.  That's it.  and I think its a good thing to be different as far as game play is concerned.  It does remind me of halo a little more than anything with all the minions running around kind of reminds me of the grunts from halo.  But titanfall is only about 35% like halo with 10% cod.  The rest is original and so far since picking it up friday, I enjoy this game very much and will be playing it at least until ESO hits the One.  Cod is dying, activision has already come to terms with that when making Destiny.  All the new games coming out will definitely bring an end to the cod franchise unless they really change things around.  Titanfall is good enough for me at least for two months.  

I'll compare it to my cat if I want. You're not my mommy!

COD killed itself as far as I'm concerned

this game was hyped as the next evolution in multiplayer fps, so not comparing it to one of, if not the top Multiplayer shooters of all time. is just not gonna happen

In many ways - it's a compliment for Titanfall to be compared against one of the biggest, current franchises in gaming.

I agree it is a compliment to be compared to COD.  Many may dislike it now.  But most of us had fun with that franchise at some point in the past.  Is this game a COD killer, who knows.  But I hope it can challenge it. Because competition for COD is good for all players.  It means that COD may have to evolve or risk dying out at some point.

Personally I think the game is more similar to Halo the COD as both games are more fast paced than COD where constantly moving around is encouraged

But that's as far as the similarities go.

well....since you told me