Stoopid questions about B'lands

Has anyone else noticed that guns in your inventory have a specific level requirement, but once you equip them, the level requirement often goes down? Like a level 57 gun will only say its level 52 once you equip it. Why is this?

Also, what is the maximum # of storage spaces you can get at The Underdome?

And once you complete the 1st playthrough, can you still get additional inventory spaces by doing **** missions? Every time I do them in Playthrough 2, I only get grenades as rewards.

Lastly, I equipped some low-level artifacts early on, and now even when I use higher level ones, it still shows the level 5 and 6 ones in my character screen. wtf?







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I have also seen the situation where a weapon shows a different level when equipped versus the leve it shows while in inventory.

The maximum number of Underdome bank slots is 42 (level 10). This is available once your character reaches level 48. See the Borderlands wiki for details,

On the second play-through of the main game, you only have a chance to get the backpack SDU reward on the first 5 clap-trap rescue missions. See

Tip 1: Get each mission and the toolkit but do not turn in. Next complete one or more other missions that give a reward item but do not turn in. Now, fill you inventory to the maximum (so you can carry no more). Next turn in some other mission to get a reward - your backpack is now overloaded (like 43 of 42) and be sure to get a game save at this point. Now turn in the claptrap mission. Do not exit the mission turn-in screen. If the reward is the backpack, you are good. If not, hit the XBox button to get to the XBox menu then exit to dashboard. Any other action, such as exiting the mission turn-in screen, will complete the mission. Assuming you exit to dashboard cleanly, you can try again (mission turn-in). Repeat until backpack is rewarded.

Tip 2: Being more overloaded may increase your chance. One way to handle this is to start the first five clap-trap rescue mission (and getting the toolkit) but deferring. Then later, use the first tip to get the first SDU (order does not matter). Do not apply the SDU. You backpack will now be +2 overloaded. Do the next turn-in the same way; now at +3. Once you have all five, you can now apply them.

Tip 3: Be prepare for may attempts at each turn-in. I just did a run where it took an average of 7 attempts per clap-trap. On an earlier character, the Sledge Safehouse mission took 20-30 attempts to get the backpack.

In regards to artifacts, the highest level is 6 (level 44 skill requirement). If you are seeing level 5 or 6, you are using your highest/last applied artifact. See


Borderlands Wiki is probably the best site I've found for information.  In fact, Wiki has a lot of good games info.

There are features and weapons items, brands, and names of things that were going to be in the game but removed. Yet the reason why this is known is because some of those items, features, weapons and things can still be found in the game code. Thanks to people finding out this info about the game, some of these features you still see in the game, and others people have brought back in to the game even if there of no help and are not needed any longer. There is a lot to list, and some of it has been talked about it on here, the Wiki has a lot of this info besides the Gearbox Forums.

The level requirement thing changes depending on your skill level with the firearm type. This was because originally, the proficiency levels were planned to lower level requirements, but then they changed the system to what we have now.

In Claptrap revolution DLC What a party, Bobble-Trap, and The Lubricator achievements the items required drop more when you play the game in co-op? or is it the same as in single player?  

I would hazard and say yes, equipping a +Rare Items found attachment when in a party can help a lot, did for me.

Here is my Stoopid question.  Where do you turn in the "Wanted: Dead" mission in the Armory DLC?  The location diamond keeps moving.  It says "Agent 01" but I have no idea who or what that is.

u know where u first go to open the roadblock before u meet moxxi the switch their theres a billboard on that same area where u turn it in.

Thank you very much.  I have not found that area in either playthrough until now.  I have even made level 69 in playthrough 2.

it helps when u know the game inside and out.from guns to missions.glad to be of service the minimal fee is 12.99 plus

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