stolen players

I was playing a online tournament  and a person had alot of good players. They messaged me asking me if i wanted their players becuase they were closing there team. So they said to go to the xbox live for fifa and change my settings on fifa so its there acount then they said to go to the dashboard and they hacked me took all my players like sneider, eto'o, lucio, Cordoba, cannavaro, cambiasso, milito, pato, messi, villa, julio cesar and some others. they also took 15000 coins and malcon and pique. i was really upset because i put alot of hours into the game and i would really like if i could get all or at least some players back.


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A sucker and his players are easily separated it seems...

Giving away your password is the same as giving away your credit card.  DONT DO IT

He didnt give his password away the other guy "gave" him his email and password and he added it thinking he would get his team. I swear i must get asked if i want someones team like 10 times a night from people trying to nick mine !