Stolen Items?

Has anyone else noticed that stolen items are showing up more often in your inventory? I have found random items that I picked up seem to change to "stolen" after I store them somewhere. Is it me? I don't recall seeing them as stolen before. They seem to be coming from Bandit Chief's that I have been whacking.


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Are you telling me this is my imagination? I also think that things I have told my followers to pick up are doing it when I take them back later.

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Sometimes items that you would think would be fair game are considered stealing.  If you go into a bandits cave and clear it everything should be legit to take but some random stuff show up as steal instead of just take.  Just considered it a minor glitch and never really worried about it.  Have never noticed anything of value having that problem.  I either stash em in my junk stolen drawyer or spread em around town depending on the value.  I have never noticed anything that I legitly got turned into stolen in my inventory.  Another possibilty is that if you have a bunch of one item and one is stolen it will mark all those items stolen in ur inventory untill you get get rid of the stolen one.

Yea! I checked the multiple thing and that is easy to correct. One thing I asked Lydia to pick up. Then when I took it back thinking it was mine, it turned into "Stolen". So I dropped it and told her to pick it up again and she did. I then checked her inventory and it wasn't marked as stolen. I thought that if we had them pick something up, it was still ours. Not a big deal but is this a minor glitch or what? I get confused sometimes and now I have a bunch of stolen items stored away. Guess I'll have to wait till I join the thieves guild.

Have heard plenty about this.  Seems to be a small glitch that showed up with the new DLC.

Must be, because I don't remember getting that many stolen items before. I usually check and leave the stolen stuff. Now it seems the good part about them picking up extra stuff is out. The thieves guild is soon so it really doesn't matter.

Yeah, I JUST noticed this.  I had my follower pick up some dragon bones/scales.  Afterwards, when I tried to sell them, I noticed they'd been tagged as stolen.