Stole a jet from the airbase. Ridiculously fun, and hard.

Man, the most fun i've had in an online game in a long long time. And the biggest power trip.
I love that they allowed those vehicles in the online mode too, many other games would just have disabled anything with guns out of fear of tears.


What I also love is that this jet (as well as the tank or annihilator chopper) is really really deadly. Lock-on missiles (only locks on to cops as far as i can tell) and explosive-round machine guns. I had tons of fun even helping murder cops of other players tail. Flying to a robbery in progress, mowing down the cops! Again, many other games would just have them be weak as heck to "balance" it.


Here, the balance comes from the fact that it's hard as hell to use it. Aiming is tricky while flying, especially with a low flying skill (it takes so slow to increase, even after hours of flying). I think that's a great thing, powerful guns but it becomes balanced by the fact that it's very hard to deliberately target a specific player.

Not to mention of course, if you just willy nilly mow down any player you'll get the bad sport tag, so you can't really do that unless they have a bounty. Bounty hunting in a jet is hilarious, but again balanced by the fact that it's really hard to keep a moving car on target. Arguably much easier to get the bounty if you're just on foot with a sticky bomb or shotgun.


All in all though, absolutely great fun. I died so many times, so i advise only trying it if you've burnt all your money on something you wanted to save up for.
I only had 2k after customizing a car so it didnt matter much if i died. Finally i sort of figured out how to best get the jet.



There's a part by the military base that has a sort of toolshed you can climb up on the wall of, if you park a tall car next to it.
You'll only get 4 stars once you jump down from there, wait until a truck drives nearby and jack it, drive off past the runway and find a parked jet.

Alternatively you can use a helicopter to land right next to a parked jet, you won't get 4 stars until you actually land it (must be a bug), so take it easy.

Don't bother turning or taxiing, just go full afterburners straight out, lift off sooner than you thought possible and burn straight up into the sky, the missiles can't track you straight up. Eventually you'll be in the clear!


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I was in that base a lot yesterday.  We have a few guys round up dirt bikes and fast cars flying over the fences.  I never did see a tank though.  I seen the jets and c-130.  Wasted a few hours playing around with that base.  But after a while figured I don't own a hanger yet so doesn't pay to steal any nice toys yet.