Still waiting for a fix!

Since the latest version release, a problem cropped up that makes the game nearly unplayable.  Blocks don't break & stay that way!  When I'm hacking away at a block either barehanded or with a tool, the cracks appear, the block breaks & scatters pieces, but then immediately reappears.   Sometimes the same block will have to be broken 3-4-5 or more times before it actually "breaks" and can be picked up to inventory... but the tool being used takes damage like 3-4-5+ blocks have been broken.  This makes it very long, tedious, and irritating when trying to dig anything, because it takes forever to get hardly anywhere, and it seems to get worse the longer the game plays.  The odd part is that it's not every time, and not the same amount of times... It may take 6 tries to break the first cobblestone block, the next one may break in one shot... then the next one might take 3 times to break... then 4 the next... etc...  And the type of material doesn't matter... it happens with sand, stone, ore, as well as trying to break "made" items like ladders. doors, and fences.

I just hope someone on the programming / troubleshooting team picks this up and checks into it... as I said, it makes the game nearly unplayable, and it's really disappointing.  From what I've seen online, I'm not the only one who has been experiencing this bug.  Hopefully it gets fixed quickly.


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This was officially fixed in the TU15 released this week. Make sure you have updated.