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The one thing that keeps me from being overly excited about Titanfall is the bot population in thing I have always liked about Call of Duty, Battlefield, and other competitive multiplayer FPS titles has been that every player you see (and in Batlefield, every vehicle you see) is controlled by a player... when you kill them, or they killed you, you know it's man on man, per se... I have watched streams from the Beta, and there are lots of bodies running around, but most are bots... many players also let their Titans go into auto (AI) mode as well... it seems like a lot of movement and effort is needed just find and engage a real player in this game... I don't want to fight an AI Titan, I don't want to fight Ai bots...  for those who have played the beta... how often do you encounter and fight actual players? Is there a way to know if a Titan is in auto mode? Are the real players very easy to spot amidst the hordes of bots?  Why not up the real player level and reduce the number of bots? The maps are big enough to allow for that, surely? Feedback appreciated...


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how often do you encounter and fight actual players?--- it all depends. Some matches I killed more humans then bots. But that could be attributed to the fact I pretty much avoided them when I could some rounds.

Is there a way to know if a Titan is in auto mode?--YES! I don't remember fully- but I think if your aiming at it it will let you know. But sure fire way to tell. Try and rodeo it. If it just keeps walking as soon as you latch own- it's human. If it immediately drops to its knees- it's in follow mode.

Are the real players very easy to spot amidst the hordes of bots?  They get easier to spit as you play. Can tell who's not and who's human. Although in the midst of battle you just fire and worry later. But one good way is the pilots aka humans run faster- jump more often and can usually be found on rooftops. Bots are slow. Don't usually jump and are just terrible-- maybe my girl can play she will feel like a beast.

As for player count. I don't know. I'm confused also. 6v6 can be great if maps are not huge. I think what makes it need to be that is the titans. They are big and if you have too many it would be to confined. That's just my opinion though.

Feel free to add me. My main system ps4 though

You gotta change your interpretation of fun factor for this game.  Instead of thinking of it like a six v six arena battle like CoD, try to imagine it as a large scale war where you and your team are like the hero characters leading a bunch of grunts.  The game takes on a much more fun, epic feel when you stomp the crap out of a squad of bots, turn and down an enemy Pilot and then up the ante into titan combat.  

I for one, love the addition.  It fills the battlefield in a way that doesn't make it feel cluttered while at the same time doesn't mean you have to be stressed out every second worrying about one of them killing you.  This guy is definitely prepared for titanfall.

Still pondering... don't want to waste time shooting AI... is there any way to play where you only go after Pilots (actual players) and Piloted Titans? Can they easily be resolved from across the map, or do they look like the AI until you get close to them? I have been watching live streams... so many people just sit on roofs, shooting the Ai and the occasional pilot... even when they are mobile around the board, they mostly encounter AI... new players... what's the truth?

Pilot Hunt only scores for killing Pilots. It doesn't remove the AIbut killing them offers no score. The AI in general are there to help people get their Titans faster, and rank up their weapons. In Call of Duty it became tiresome trying to rank my rifle while the other team lay on the ground camping corners. These grunts mean I can get the best gun upgrades without resorting to counter-camping.

I guess pushes me off the fence, then... no buy for me... if the game had only actual players, and players had to earn Titans through game action or kills it might be cool... but giving every kid a Titan for killing *** Ai just sounds... boring... it would be like giving everyone in Ghosts a dog at some point, "just because"...

I've seen several post on other forums about the bots and am having a problem understanding the issue with the bots? basically kill anything that either shoots at you or isn't on your team.

Who cares if its a bot or a human. Sooner or later you won't be able to tell the difference or won't care.

I don't mind killing bots if it means games pop.