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Why did they place these stupid still images as a border on the screen that does not change? There is no option to get rid of these eye sores and they don't even fade out with the screen. I understand stretching the image is not the true arcade resolution and experience, but I should have the option to get rid of them so my TV doesn't have these lame designs burned into them. Even if it just the MK (I/II/III) logo scrolling up the side would be fine, or if they got clever and had the character profiles scrolling like the title screen of the first game. Nothing too fancy, but the still images I feel are a lazy way out and I feel the need to say I am not happy with them. 


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Fortunately, they use soft greys, so it lowers the chance of burn in. They're there also to compensate for some TVs that will get distortion or even burn-in edges of the video due to the lack of anything there. Having a moving object along the sides could be distracting and even induce vertigo in some people. So, its not laziness, it's just a little CYA on their part.