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So Microsoft moved from Microsoft Points to actual money in your Live account over a year ago, and they've revamped the website in a lot of cool ways. That being said, it's annoying that to this day you can't use the money you have on your Live account when you're making a purchase from the site itself. The only options it offers are credit card and PayPal accounts. I mean, should have been the first place you could use the money on your account, or at least you should have been able to use it simultaneously on either your console or your computer. The fact that right now, when over a year has passed since the shift from MS Points to MS Accounts, you still can't use the money you've already given to MS is simply incredible, and not in a good way.

Is MS ever, ever going to let us use our accounts on their site? Or are they just going to let this little oversight continue to be a little, easily repaired oversight?


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