Step away from destiny for 4 months and still broken raids

I quit playing Destiny back in December because of everyone glitching through the Crota raid, it was soo lame. I only got back on for the upcoming House of Wolves. After a bit of messing around with friends, someone joins us wanting to play Crotas raid.  I was hesitant at first, but he assured me there was goin to be no cheesing. So after we got through the first part with the lamps. One of the lvl 32s was all like "ok, all we need to do is get 3 of you atop that tower over there so we can get across."  Explain to me how this isn't cheating? So as I told my fire team before hand that I'd quit if there was any funny business going on, I did just that.

And I ask you guys, why havent bungie fixed this yet? Is it my Destiny to just glitch past anything that actually requires a bit skill and teamwork.  It makes me wonder if everyone I see in the tower got there gear from trial and error, or just used exploits in the game to get to level 32. 


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