Stellar Gamers Syndicate


Stellar Gamers Syndicate is a new clan/community currently starting up under Battlefield 3. We are a small group at the moment founded on 29/01/2012 (D/M/Y). We are looking to recruit anyone who is mature, looking to join a clan to have fun and fight alongside a strong group of players on the battlefield. We have members who are very skilled especially when working together. Most members tend to specialise in certain classes or we have adapted to any class depending on the circumstances on the field.

We are looking to start up communities under other games aswell. We have possible additions for the clan suggested for Madden NFL 12 and NHL 12. Considering a squad base for BF3. We would like to expand into more games so anyone looking to join a clan/community and would like to start up a community for other games please leave a question on your suggestion and i will consider it before you apply to join


Anyone under the age of 13 will under go a trial so we can make sure you are a mature player.

Intrested in joining? Sign up here!

Any questions? Please go here!


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Bump :D expanding by a few members and moving over into NHL 12 and NFL 12 also! looking to set up a NHL team while looking to set up a franchise for some of the clan members :D