Steampipe Glitch?

Having finished the game I have been tying up the loose ends. I fast travelled to the Mountain Base and am now unable to get back to the camp or progress to the next/previous fast travel camp.

I believe its linked to this but please help me out if this is not the case.


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I wouldn't call this a glitch seeing as how that only leads to the day camp and on to the exterior portion where the broken bridge is with the jeep... Meaning that once you passed through it the 1st time there was a cutscene and explosion of sorts (steam pipes) , indicating there is no turning back... If you click on the map showing your location you will see that it's simply a narrow corridor that leads to the day camp on the other side... There is nothing to collect and i wouldn't say that it "broken" because it was meant to impede you to go through there since it's not needed anymore...


What has me saying wow is the link you provided in which an eidos rep also sees it as a "glitch" ...obviously, she never played the game all the way through and thus i'm shocked that they would have an employee that hasn't played the game thoroughly monitor their forums.