Stealthy Mage character/class

Hey everyone.

So I've been playing Skyrim for a while now but after doing millions of side quests I've decided to finally crack on and finish the main story line, I'm currently playing as a Nord Tank character, i pretty much run in to all my battles and smash the place up with a giant sword lol, but after i complete the game i want to have more of a challenge by creating a stealthy magic caster character so light armour, small weapons, sneaking around, illusion spells, that sorta thing.

But what character and skills are good to create a stealthy mage sorta charatcer?

all ideas and thoughts would be great. 


Also if anyone could give me any help for good companions and ritual stones, aswell as how i get a dog that would be even more great. =)


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How to get a Dog.  You can also go to the Dog page on the wiki to find other ones.

As for the stealthy mage, I've never played as a Mage, one of the few things I have to try/learn, but I don't know that illusion spells would work good while sneaking, as wouldn't that give you away?   Some other spells may as well, at least compared to say a bow or dagger.

I always stick with the Guardian Stones when I begin a character, so in you're case I'd use the Theif or Mage stone, depending on which skills you'd use more.

As for characters to use, the High Elfs give you an extra 50 magic as well as skill boosts in all the major magic skills and enchanting.
If you aiming more for sneak a Dark Elf or Wood Elf would boost your starting sneak and Light Armor. A Dark Elf will also boost some magic stats as well, while a Wood Elf would help if you're looking to use a bow, but doesn't boost any magic..  

A Khajiit will boost your sneak even more, as well as one handed weapons but no magic boost.. 

But bare in mind, this just helps with starting stats.   You can use any character to make any type of character if you want. 

If you want to look at all the class starting stats go here HERE 

My Dunmer is a stealth mage. Until I did the thieves guild and got some nightingale armor she always wore robes. Particularly early I have always found it necessary to sneak and have a bow handy to keep things from getting to me. I have never gotten the hang of illusion or conjuration apparently because they never really worked for me. I use mostly frost because it slows down everything. It's worth making friends with faendal at the beginning and training your archery to 50 since its free. Get a soul trap weapon and put the enchantment on a bow. 1 second with a petty stone is all you need then use it on animals for stones to enchant with. I didn't spend my perks wisely with this character which made things difficult. My current character is an Altmer Mage and I'm putting all levels to health early and perks to destruction first. Eventually what you want is to enchant 3 or 4 items with lower cost for destruction so that your magic is free.

I would swap it up alittle.


I would hut out in the open fields till my bow skills got up.  I would "sneak" while doing those.  When you have the option ( and you will) go to one handed weapons,


Second part:  I would learn some good alchemy.  Potions of poison to add to your bow and dagger.


I would get speech ( I think) so you can sell stolen goods.  Go into a town and steal ALL items for potions.  Then either make potions for money or to use.  And repeat ( save alot).


More than that have fun doing it and choos a class that looks good to you.

Mage > All.

You can get a perk that makes casting spells invisible!

[quote user="Zehq"]

Mage > All.

[/quote]Mage <---------<<< Archer / (Conjurer)  (see what I did there?)

I would go with a wood elf, brennon, or high elf. Level up your health and magic primarily (mage characters have a tendancy to get destroyed until higher levels). Try to focus on collecting scrolls early on in the game (to survive) and level up your conjuration and archery.

You can increase conjuration by summoning flame atronachs whenever you are in combat. It also helps to get Faendal as an ally, because 1) he can kill enemies from a distance, increasing his survival chances and 2) you can level up your archery to 50 by training with him, then taking the gold out of his inventory. The reason for leveling these skills is because you can eventually get spells that let you summon Daedric-Level weapons, including a bow. These weapons can eventually be made to repel undead, soul trap, and even send back summoned enemies.

If you plan on making a sneak mage, you will also want to put time into illusion magic, as you can get a perk that muffles spell casting. You will want to join the Thieves Guild, Dark Brotherhood, and College of Winterhold, primarily the latter. Tutorials for joining these guilds are on youtube, and shouldn't be hard to find. Alteration is handy, too, as some spells can increase your armor rating by up to 100 points.

As for your other questions, you will want to find the lord stone first, as this gives you increased resistance to all things. As for the dog, you can get an invincible dog by going to Falkreath, then talking to the blacksmith. He'll give you a quest that ends up with you following a dog that belongs to Clavicus Vile, and as long as you don't finish the quest he will be your ally. Having him, shadowmere(dark brotherhood), Aela(companions), and a high level summon(s) gives you literally a small army that can't die (in most cases). It... is... AWESOME.

Hope this helped bro. This is from my own experience :)