Stealth Armor

I opened the door to the armory after getting out of the simulator. the fight started and after it was all said and done the stealth armor was no where to be seen. i did get the winterised power armor but that was the only armor there. did i miss something or am i out of luch on getting it this playthrough?


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The stealth armor looks like a folded up piece of regular clothing sitting on one of the shelves.

I will go back in and take a look. Is it possible that on of the others could have taken it? I forgot to save before i opened the door or I would just replay it.

I'm thinking I found mine on the floor, so try looking behind the racks on the left (looking in from doorway)...

Thanks for the Help. i found it on the floor covered by a dead body

I don't think anybody else will actually pick up any of the stuff, but I'm not 100% on that.  It has been quite a while since I did OA.