Stealing an AC-130 or Fighter jet

Even with the invincibility cheat I cant pull this off. The tanks manage to blow up the plane before i can open the hatch and take off. Insane. Driving straight to the plane in a fast car gets me in the plane and rolling but never off the ground. Not sure how Rockstar ever thought anyone could pull this off legit. 


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Parachute in right next to the C-130. Pull the cord really every time.

The jet is easy, and I've been able to get away with a Titan a couple times. It is very frustrating though. Not only do you have to back up an incredibly slow behemoth and get it on the runway, hope that tanks and squads of marines don't spawn right next to you and immediately gun you down, and avoid jets with lock-on missiles - but you also have to deal with the ridiculous suicidal jeeps and trucks who were apparently ordered to try to stop you by jamming their vehicles in your landing gears as you drive down the runway.


The most frustrating part for me though, is finding out that even though there's enough room in your hangar for the C-130, you can't keep it there because it breaks every time it loads in.

I found the jet, in the last hangar, to be easy. When I finally had the stars disappear and safely landed at the airport, a stupid plane landed right on top of me and blew me up, haha.