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I brought this up in another thread but nobody had any incite.

I don't get any of the messages that indicate that i've poisoned an enemy, or that i've been poisened, or any other give attacks vs received attack messages, etc. I can't really explain what else the messages cover because i don't get them. Earlier on i used to get the 'well rested' messages after sleeping but i don't even get those anymore. Does anyone know about these disappearing or was there some option i changed that made them disappear? What are those messages called? Thanks for the help.


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I'm not sure what they are called, but the is a option to change whats displayed on your HUD, its a slider bar in the options menu, But try to keep in mind that the new patch disabled resistance bonus, the well rested bonus wont work if you have the patch 1.2 installed (patch 1.3 is due to release soon). If you have also recently become a werewolf then you will no longer get well rested bonus.