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CLICK ME! Happy to see they have held off on enabling leader boards :-)


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So you dont want people to get a jump on the stats/leaderboards? I think the matchmaking is up, therefore saving stats. If thats the case, when the leaderboards come up, those people will still have their stats? Makes sense to me.

Ive never known a game save any stats collected before its release , usually all stats are reset on or before launch day. Looking at livestreams nobody seems to rank up at any point so id have thought the leaderboards are not active at all as Big D states. Can you imagine the whining from the community if prestiged players start turning up on day one!! It would be funny though ;)

ALL the games you have seen being played have been offline.....................

[quote user="The Acidpiss"]

ALL the games you have seen being played have been offline.....................


How can I put this but you are very wrong, since the servers came up last night people have been playing online in public matches. They are also ranking up as normal, this vid was posted up last night and shows searching for public matches there are plenty more on this persons channel

Ok, as from before last night, all games have been offline

Personally, I think everything should be reset the moment the game goes live @ midnight on Monday, that way everyone starts on a level playing field. The only question is do they do it at once worldwide, & if so, by which timezone? Or do they stagger it out resetting it with each time zone within each time zone (if that's even possible)?

Every year for the past 5 years people have COD before release day, sometimes a week or more and every time their stats always carry over and have never been reset on release day. As a matter of fact I  have seen people already prestiged on release day at mdnight.

It's really no big deal whether people get it early.  In two weeks time it'll be leveled out anyway, especially since those people who got it early are probably the same ones who would pull all-nighters to rank up anyway...