Stats vs. Feel

One of my favorite **** rifles in this game is the M16a4 and one of my least favorite is the AN-94.  I was looking through my battlelog and discovered some interesting data.  Here are my stats for these two guns.  I have well over 100 kills with each so the sample is strong.

M16 - KPM 1.76  Accuracy 17.95%

AN-94 - KPM 1.81 Accuracy 22.51%

According to my stats I should be using the AN-94, but my game instincts like the M16.  Anyone have any situations where their favorite gun is not their best gun statistically?  Could the stats influence you to rethink what your favorite gun is?  Just trying to stir up some interesting debate.

Personally, I won't use the AN-94 again, but stats do help me decide between two guns that I like.


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My favorite engineer gun is the SG553 and it's right behind my best engineer weapon, the M4A1. And the M4 is close behind as far as favorites go.


My least favorite gun in the game is the Type-88 LMG by a far and all of the semi-auto sniper rifles. Stats show that they suck. KPM in the T-88 is 1.05 and accuracy around 10%, whereas I'm at 1.3 with the 553 and over 18%.

Accuracy is a very misleading stat. Stopping power =/= accuracy

Use what you like. Simple as that.

I don't care what my accuracy is.. I'm skilled with quite a few assault rifles and my stats tell me that I suck with them..

Well, AN94 has does the same damage as all the other assault rifles except the g3, but with a slower rate of fire and more recoil. WTF made DICE think that it would be balanced is beyond me. But that's probably why you don't like it.

I'll take this one unnecessary step further.  For this we need a new metric, im calling it Personal Average Deadlyness (PAD).  PAD=Accuracy*Firing Rate, this represents on average how fast one is putting bullets into others with a particular gun.

M16 PAD=800*.1795=143.6

AN-94 PAD=600*.2251=135.06

Interesting, PAD supports my preference for the M16.  If your interested in calculating your pad this link provides firing rate data.

Most of the Engineer guns would probably be my "worst" stat wise based on my time played as the class.  When I roll as Engineer it usually on the big vehicle maps like Kharg so I tend to be focusing on killing armour and capping flags rather than hunting down infantry.  I may get 1 or 2 weapon kills a game but that's it.

Oh, and OP - kills with the M16A4 count towards the M16A3.  A4 doesn't have it's own stat part.  Same with the M4 and M4A1.  Maybe that could be why your stats look funny, depends how much you used the A3 before getting the A4.