Stats that stun

According to BF3 Stats, in "Shots fired per minute" I'm ranked in the top...


... 98%


WTF are people shooting at?


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There are a lot of people that only play metro...

sat reset button killed it

Ha ha, Zehq can't aim.  


But seriously, I'm top 98% for the same category.  In another, I'm top 2% for suppression assists.  Something doesn't add up...

I only really hop in tanks or choppers as the gunner, could've been one of those I suppose. Hope it was because then it'd mean I was probably aiming at the bloke.

Lol look at everyone posting there leet stats, ha ha. Check out the OP people. Wrong thread derp.

^^Gotta love those Samoan women.

top 57% shots fired per minute

top 96% heals per minute

top 97% dogtags

I is leet

[quote user="TheTurtleClub"]

I'm top 0% for poon-conquest.

[/quote]....*sigh*...the good old days, I was once like you, then I got married and my license to thrill got revoked....weird how that happens too, one minute you're a wild mustang running in the wind, the next you're married with kids and a wife who says "you're not wearing that are you?"

[quote user="vibroluxor"]

Top 100% in Headshot/kills per minute!  Wait...that's not good, is it?  

Shots fired is 96%.

Viper is 94%

Top 1% in Vehicles destroyed/Kills.  It's the only stat I care even slightly about. I play engineer and I destroy vehicles. most of the time while you're still in 'em.  

Top 4% in G36C

Top 7% Vehicles destroyed



I just had another look and you and me seem pretty similar across the board.

Headshots - 96% - doesn't really surprise me at all. I have trouble enough aiming centre mass so I'm not trying any trick shots. If there was a stat for foot & groin shots - me #1.

Kills per minute - 91% - another one that just astounds me, I'm not elite or anything but I do me share of killing ffs. Who is everybody killing and why can't I find them?

Vehicle destroy/kills - 3% - and that astounds me too to tell the truth.

Vehicle destroys - 19% - yeah, I thought I'd be getting up there, it's me passion.


We obviously play very similar games me thinks - vehicle hunting engineers (though I also do C4 on some maps) who can't find ground troops to shoot at and can't nail headshots when we do.

What would it be for anyone who sits in one of them Spitting Machines (aka Mobile AA) all day. Thing's like a hose.

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