Stats servers still suck?

seriously it's been how long since they added x4's for g3 and m14 etc then since then i swear all the stats have been on the blink, taking ages to bloody respond then my latest frustration factor....


Everytime you have a day where you earn say 100k + xp the server's just seem to forget you ever did it, i mean i could do that in another day or two but i'm tired of having the big kids bullying me for not being a kool kid 50 .......... although one day i might be a 50 then i can make zombiedaddy my under 50 slave




also how many times have you gone on these new forums, saw how stupid and appalling they are to get around so just raghe quit? 

I'd much rather go out in the street then start writing threads on windows of tesco's in my own feaces then post on these horrible looking forums.

just saying is all 


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and they've f'ed up my triforce!!!!

stats? who plays for stats?

can't say i've ever had any issues with the stat servers apart from the occasional no stat sunday

nah this was more an excuse for me to complain about the new xbox forums, they look horrible, but i used the thin veil of a noob rant to allow me to say the new design sucks without a lock