Stats reset to zero almost every day for a few hours!

So i got this game some weeks ago, but the last week, almost every day, every time i try to play online, my stats and unlocks are reset to zero. First time it happened i though my profile on the drive was corrupted, but since the stats and unlocks are saved on EA's server i guess, i got them back some hours later.

But now every time i try to play, almost anytime of the day, i may or may not have my stats. So i wanted to ask here, if someone plays the game long enough, is this something that happens a lot? Because it sucks, and having to wait your stats and unlocks to come back every time you try to play is stupid!

Any help would be great. Thanks!


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Get used to this.

It comes and goes

So this is something that happens a lot i guess?

Anyways, as long it's not just me, i guess i can only wait to get back to normal.


It is really frustrating, at first.

You will also notice that the stat-thingy in the game comes and goes

Follow this link to look at your stats


I've been having the same problem in regards to stats but I'm not losing any of unlocks.

If you really want to see your stats then all you have to do is wait on the menu screen but don't click anything. After a few seconds it will have automatically signed into your EA account and you will be able to see your stats fine. You can also join a game and then leave it, then check your stats and it should work too but that doesn't work every time.

I just go to the bfbc2 "store" and the stats go back to normal.

Small problem but I hope issues like this is fixed for BF3. My dogtag list is still broken in-game. :(