Stats problem. Scared of prestiging?

So my stats got messed up and I lost my perm unlocks and class slots etc. should I even prestige anymore? I'm close to getting diamond sub machine guns too. I'm scared if I prestige I might lose it all. Because my cac class slot never unlocked

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Oh yeah. So I presided and my class slot unlocked but my permenant unlocks are still not showing. I'm so sick of trying to buy stuff that I ALREADY had! They better fix my stuff. My case is still on hold. *sighs

Don't mind me,

I'm gonna post about the same thing,over and over,

but just word it all differently,

and then I'm gonna talk to myself in the same posting as well.


Excuse me. This forum is about black ops2. Am I mistaken? So you say I keep posting the same thing over and over. Why even bother to look at my threads then.? Apparently my threads or I'm interesting enough for u to keep looking. I was asking for advice about black ops 2 that is pretty much the jist of this forum right? Slow your role.

Go for it. Just keep playing and prestiging until they fix your stuff.

lol I helped you before,

with all of this,so I don't understand why you made another post of basically the same thing.

I literally gave you every option you can possibly do for your issue :)

Remember ? Or no ?

I wasn't trying to be a stiffler,that's not my job,that's for the Mall Cop here.

Mitchell: I think my issue is resolved though. Or I don't know. But I did notice my perm unlocks do work because I see my chicomb lol not that it's of any use anymore because I got my diamond already but I guess I just gotta earn everything and buy them again. My bf said at prestige 10 u get everything unlocked or am I mistaken?

Crazy: I'm not trying to be rude but you came off awfully rude so why can't I too. Like I said this forum is about the game. Me or other people may choose to post as many posts as they like. U don't or others don't like it? Too bad. The mods aren't saying anything negative about them or deleting them then too bad. Also, I don't remember you giving me advice on how to fix my stats, but if u did, thank you.

I apologize for my rude acts,

I hope this doesn't mess up our beautiful thing we got goin' on here.

;) LOL

But really,I would reset my stats if I were you,

because it's better to do it if you're not that far in,

rather than doing it later when you're 7th prestige and above.

Yeah, at master Prestige you get everything unlocked.

I'm not going to reset my stuff anymore because I see my chicomb I unlocked last round showed up and I don't want to work on getting diamond anymore. So I guess I should just write to activision to try and get my perm unlocks back. Or just forget about it since my class slots shows up and I don't see anything else that is wrong.


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