Stats correction request

I'd like two corrections made to my Halo 4 statistics. Can that be done, and if so, is this the place to ask?

First: On March 26, I let someone else use my Xbox without signing out first. They started Dawn on Normal, quit, then dropped to Easy and played a bit more from Rally Point Beta. Can those games be deleted from the recrod?

Second: The week of April 28, one of the weekly challenges was "Infinity and Beyond"; completing the level Infinity with the Mythic, Thunderbolt, Tough Luck and Tilt skulls active. I did so (on April 30), but discovered afterward that I'd been disconnected from Xbox Live due to a local connection problem. Is it still possible to get credit for the challenge?


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These can't be fixed, no.

Bummer; the support rep I talked to said that they could. Thanks for replying, anyway.

I've never heard of 343 resetting stats by request and neither of these would be changed anyway. It's also the wrong place to ask : )

I get why you'd want the Easy games taken off your record but don't worry too much. Just keep it in mind for the future : )