Stats change overnight

Go to bed with 1.93 KD, wake up with 1.01.  11,600 career kills playing hardcore TDM, yet lobby leaderboard shows 4900.  Career SPM of 141, yet leaderboard now shows 192.  I don't understand what happened?

Nobody else plays on my account, and that still wouldn't explain my kills dropping from 11,600+ to less than 5,000.  I only play hardcore TDM.


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Hmmm,,,,,,, was someone on your account?

I'm the only one that plays on that account.  I have 2 kids who have their own accounts on 2 family owned consoles, but they never play on mine, and that still would not explain why my account shows 11,600 career kills, yet on lobby leaderboard it has me for only 4,900.  Where did the kills go?  I could see KD dropping if someone played one night on my account, but that would just raise my deaths.  My score per minute went up from 131 to 192, and my KD dropped from 1.93 to 1.01 on leaderboard, yet my career shows a 1.91.   I play 99% hardcore TDM.  I can't explain what happened, and no one I've talked to has ever seen anything like this before.

i guess it just need to update i guess