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Subject: Starting up a brand new clan     

I`m looking to start up a new Gears 3 clan. I`m not certain on a name, we`ll figure that out once we get a few members. There are, however, a few guidelines

1. 16+
2. Must be mature, not childish, ragequitting all the time and screaming over the mic
3. Mics are a plus, but if you don`t have a mic that is fine aswell.
4. Don`t be bad at the game, but you don`t need to be the greatest either.
5. I will try you out if you are interested in joining. 

If we can get a team established then we can move onto clan battles and creating a website and all that fun stuff that is associated with a clan.

The more we play together, the better we will become as a team.

If your interested, hit me up on XBL, my Gamertag is MegatronYourMom, or post here and I`ll add you. 

Remember, this clan is brand new. I`m the only member, so that means that there are leadership opportunities available. We will talk.

Hopefully this works out, and we can get a unit established and rolling soon!

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this sounds pretty cool i wouldn't mind joining up but i dont play gears all the time but when i do get on i wouldn't mind playing with u. Another thing my brother can't play multiplayer without me because of the missing content thing so i might be playing with him sometimes. but other than that i'm interested in joining

I really only play Horde these days.  If that's something that would work. I might be interested.

Megatron Your Mom, that's real mature.

When do you plan on playing? My schedule is mostly open but would like to know what times you have set up for playing

[quote user="Jago 85"]

Megatron Your Mom, that's real mature.

[/quote]Beat me to it.

[quote user="Jago 85"]

Megatron Your Mom, that's real mature.


yeah! but he's 16+ and has a mic so it must be ok