Starting a new clan & need some members

Im starting a multi-game clan (right now the only played games will be COD: Ghosts but we will be playing more as more come out) only requirements is that your on xbox one, that you own some or all clan played games & that your an active player. Im new to clans so everything will be from ground up, even my experience as a leader. Message me if you want more details or have any questions.


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Hey im starting a multi-game clan too we can team up together and work on this clan. Read my post and see what you think and add me on xbox one OgE Vultuss

I would also like to say that pretty much anyone is welcome, there is no special requirements like age, a certain K/D, or anything like that.

Try to be active as much as possible (im not asking for alot of game time but enough to make a difference) & if possible try to have an open nat type so communicating is easier

Im thinking about having Ghosts, Titanfall, ESO, & Destiny as games to play in the clan. Im still working on this as i just started so i could really use the members.

To help expand the clan even more, I merged with another clan. If you would like to join either contact me or go to and sign up and get your application started.

why not team up roster lock in next clan wars no one can be added next wed to clan

search UK TOPBOIS 30 plus members won the last clan wars easy

I wanted to merge with a smaller group so the idea of building from ground up still applied but just with a few added members. We've got a website, a facebook, and we support multi-games and multi-consoles so feel free to join for whatever reason.

Words to Live by

"I do not fear Death, for I have been close enough to it on enough occasions that it no longer concerns me.

But I do fear the loss of my Honor and would rather die fighting than to have it said that I was without Courage."

Brief History

Welcome to False Flag operations, we are a PC, Playstation and Xbox Gaming clan with the urge to not just play competitively but also just to relax and have a fun time. We are a new gaming clan looking to move up in our numbers with Leadership that has

derived from many other clans.

What you can expect

• A tight nit gaming clan always looking to build in number.

• Leadership that is no bias and makes professional decisions.

• Both competitive and non-competitive side to both PC, PS4 and Xbox.

• Not the best at a game? We will help you until you perform even better than you expected.

• Lastly we promise a brotherhood that will always be your home away from home.

Games We will be playing

PC: Day Z, ARMA 3

Playstation 4: Killzone, Battlefield 4

Xbox One: Call of duty: Ghosts, Battlefield 4

What we expect from our recruits and what you can expect

Recruits will have a 1-2 week try out period where you will play with us and get to know us and then at the end of that time we will have a vote chosen at random to decide if you survived the cut.

1. Respect all members and other recruits, remember you are being evaluated at all times

2. Don’t waste anyone’s time, if you need to leave an won’t be on for a period of time, please inform us so we can pend your recruitment while you are gone.

3. If you have any issues you can contact Swatman, Droopy Joey, Or MissMLG 01 on the forums. They will be your go to leadership.

4. Lastly keep a mature attitude, we all make immature jokes and like to rank but just remember, we are evaluating you!

Interested in Being on the Graphics team?

We have many opportunities on the graphics side of our clan from just showing off your skills in the showroom to creating cool images and signatures for our website! If you are interested read how to contact us below!

How to Contact us?

To start your recruitment processes please go to this link

You must first register an account and verify it via email, once that is done you must fill out and application on the forums under the "Recruitment" tab. A Director will review your application in a timely manner, upon approval you will begin the recruitment process which includes being active on the forums at least 2-3 days a week. You will receive more information about the recruiting process after you have applied! Hope to see you there!

Interested in Merging clans?

If you would be willing to take up a new name and website, Please Follow the same process to contact us but you can register as a community user until we find out if we are a good fit for each-other!

Feel free to message me or check out the website if you wanna join, we'll answer any questions you have about the clan or any other questions you may have.

we are still recruiting!! About 10 members joined last week so we are going good so far!