Starting a Brand New Gears of War 3 Clan

Subject: Starting up a brand new clan     

I`m looking to start up a new Gears 3 clan. I`m not certain on a name, we`ll figure that out once we get a few members. There are, however, a few guidelines

1. 16+
2. Must be mature, not childish, ragequitting all the time and screaming over the mic
3. Mics are a plus, but if you don`t have a mic that is fine aswell.
4. Don`t be bad at the game, but you don`t need to be the greatest either.
5. I will try you out if you are interested in joining. 

If we can get a team established then we can move onto clan battles and creating a website and all that fun stuff that is associated with a clan.

The more we play together, the better we will become as a team.

If your interested, hit me up on XBL, my Gamertag is MegatronYourMom, or post here and I`ll add you. 

Remember, this clan is brand new. I`m the only member, so that means that there are leadership opportunities available. We will talk.

Hopefully this works out, and we can get a unit established and rolling soon!

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if you dont have a site I can give you a forum on and make you mod of that forum for you organize and promote your clan, once you got your clan going I can give you permesions to create tournaments for your clan.

I can also give you a subdomain (

if you are interested sign up on and post on xbox clan help forum for a quicker reply