Started playing again yesterday...

... and quickly realized that suppression is still broken as a feature. Why the *** haven't they fixed this yet? More importantly why does 40% of the community approve of the new suppression crap?

Maybe it is the fact that 22% of the community is from Cod and loves stupid features 


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Too many noobs turned off at the curve on BC2. They want those $$$ so they made it easy. SOCOM fell pray to the same crap marketing-to-noobs strategy.

I had BC1 but never got into the online as I was playing other games at the time. I had played BF2MC on PS2 prior to that but I was never that great. Furthermore if you look at my lifetime BC2 stats you'll see my K/D is still negative from when I started playing. I got the *** smacked right out of me through december until I got an HDTV.  I didn't give up. I didn't cry about how I was gonna' get the next COD game because Battlefield 'sucked'. I kept at it until I knew how to play correctly and got pretty darn good. Unfortunately nowadays folks want to be MVPs within their first hour and will lose interest in the game if they aren't winning right away. So they made BF3 the way that it is. Lots of points for doing nothing.

I just started playing battlefield 3 a week ago.  And I am starting to warm up to it, I didn't like it at first but after a few hours of game play I learned what I have to do to finish positive.  I also enjoy doing other things besides just killing like being a medic and using support to help others.  At first I hated it, now I am enjoying it.  Sorry guys/girls I did come across the call of duty fence when bad company 2 hit, but I was looking for a change and I have found it in some of the Ea made games like the bf series and the revamped Medal of honer.  I didn't play the older bf games but I did start out with the moh series back in my playstation 2 days.

lol wow 40% said they like suppression the way it is. maan just shows all the people complaining aint doing *** about it.

I personally love the feature and have been playing BF for awhile.  I think it adds a nice touch when a sniper puts a round one inch from me and I actually have to react to it.


Adds a nice new TEAM element.  One suppresses while the other flanks and destroys.  

I played properly for the first time since mid-March last night.  Kind of rusty -

I think the suppression is fine.  Didn't like it the first time I played the game after patch tweaked it.

It makes it much easier to get Suppression Ribbons.  Before they tweaked it, most people only had around 4-5 of them total because it was pretty much impossible to suppress anything thus, you'd never get the medal.  I know I only had 2 of them, one with the USAS-12 and Frags.  I got about 5 or 6 of them in ^ that game alone.

I picked "liked to but too much ATM" and "BF2" respectively.

Yea suppression sucks. I cant even quick scope like a pro bc of it.

I play about once every week.

[quote user="Red Clown"] the community loves stupid features [/quote]

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