Starpoint Gemini 2 - controls

Let's face it, the game is pretty cool, despite the voice acting and story. However, I have a proposed controller layout. At the very least, we need control over every aspect of the controls and movement. The game was designed for PC and the console controls are nausea inducing. This can all be solved if we think back to Descent 1 on PC and many games after it.

 My proposal for controls, for console, is this:

Left thumbstick handles X and Y axis movements, e.g. pressing forward on the stick will raise the ship, while pulling back will lower it, in addition to sliding the ship left and right.

Right thumbstick will be responsible for a combined camera/ ship movement function e.g. the direction you turn this stick, like most first person shooters, is the direction of the camera and ship e.g. nose up, nose down, nose left and nose right. Clicking the right thumbstick in will allow you to freely move the camera and see what's around you and shoot your 360 degree weapons freely.

D-pad remains being your rolling and zoom functions.

Trust me, so many console gamers will thank you. This will allow for a less discombobulating feel as you try to distinguish your head from your a**, while in combat.


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