Star wars Xbox 360 question.

Just been checking out the details of it and it comes with a golden controller... Is there anyway I can get my Mits on that without buying the console???

surely there is as you can get the gears 3 controller alone !

thanks in advance


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Well, there's no word about purchasing the C-3PO controller stand-alone currently. Maybe once the console is close to launch, an announcement will come. Maybe.

Shame .. I hope they do the controller alone .. I just want the controller don't want the bundle haha

They are selling the gears 3 controller seperate so i don't see why not.

The controller is one of the things (along with the Kinect peripheral) that I don't want. That gold chrome is a fingerprint nightmare and usually not very durable in the long run.

I like the fact that the R2D2 Xbox makes the noise every time you open it. But that will probably get on nerves every day :)