Star Trek tidbits

All I know is I keep getting more and more excited for this game, and I want it now.  Light spoilers will follow.  From a demo preview in Gameinformer issue 220:



-Being developed by Digital Extremes, who is working with J.J. Abrams' production company Bad Robot and God of War writer Marianne Krawczyk.



-The beginning of the game starts off with Kirk and Spock returning  from an away mission to find their ship in disarray.



-You can play the entire game with the AI, or in co-op.  Depending on who you play as with the AI, changes the way the game is played.  "Spock's scientific mind and formal demeanor make him a surgeon on the battlefield, while Kirk's cowboy approach to combat often gets the duo into as much trouble as it gets them out of (I'm guessing co-op will be more of the latter).   While Kirk and Spock remain together for much of the game, their experiences and goals often differ." 



-During combat, players can and must use their tricorder's multiple functions.  They can be used to deploy portable Federation shields, hack doors, or overload computer panels to take out enemies. 



-Spock can perform mind melds on enemies, which then makes the person start firing on his or her friends.



-Special sequences will occur that require players to work together:  "Kirk takes a stray hit from one of the enemies and becomes infected by the same neurotoxin that has killed much of the Enterprise crew.  Kirk collapses, and Spock runs over to help.  Throwing one of Kirk's arms over his shoulder, Spock navigates both players towards sickbay, while Kirk uses his free hand to provide cover fire...   ...Kirk leaps up from the bed and grabs a Federation rifle.  He activates its secondary fire and a tiny shield shimmers to life in front of the gun. Even though Kirk holds the rifle, Spock can make use of it.  Spock fires into Kirk's shield, building up a charge of stored energy.  Once enemies begin to flooding the sickbay, Kirk discharges all this energy, knocking out their pursuers."


-"Equipment upgrades are based on each character's skill.  Weapons won't change much throughout the game, but each character will learn new tricks and get better at using them."


The one thing I'd really like to know is who will be voicing Kirk and Spock.  It'd be cool if they were voiced by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy, but then again their voices today might not match the young characters depicted in the game.  Does anyone know the cast yet?  Who would you prefer, the true actors or the actors from the recent movie?









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Sounds awesome!!! I can't wait.

Dude... up top! *Raises hand*.  Few games get me as excited as this one.  So who would you prefer to be the voice actors? The old school pimps or the new actors from the recent movie?  Not saying either of the two pairs are plausible due to budget constraints, but perhaps.  I would prefer the original actors but I'm having trouble envisioning their voices for characters who are young.  Seems like it might not work.  

Wow for a Star Trek game this actually sounds genuinely decent. On my radar.

I would rather have a ship combat simulator.

I didn't even know there was a game in the making, Ill have to check it out

Youtube trailer: [View:]

Is the game actually called star trek tid bits ? Lol

edit:- just seen the trailer ... Wow reminds me of mass effect crossed over with gears of war ... Can't wait now!

[quote user="Covert Affairs"]

I would rather have a ship combat simulator.

[/quote]You know that would fun as well, but this concept just seems too cool pass up.  Plus they kind of did that with Star Trek Legacy.  I almost bought that a few weeks ago.  Right before I bought it I checked the review on Metacritic with my phone.  The average critic's review was 6.4, and the average user's review was 5.6.  So yeah, I passed lol. 



My answer to you Covert is you already kind of played one Legacy.  I would like to here your thoughts on the game.  It's very cheap, but is it fun?   Is there anyone else out there who played it?  Thoughts?


[quote user="Akuza89"] Wow reminds me of mass effect crossed over with gears of war ... Can't wait now!

[/quote]That was my first impression too. 



So no one has answered my question.  I really want to know what everyone thinks.


I think it sounds and looks beautiful as long as it doesn't have too much of an open world and you get to command or pilot the enterprise it's s definitive buy for me and yes I did use the right word lol

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