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Of all of the STAR TREK games out there I have found the one STAR TREK game that is really fun to play. It's STAR TREK ONLINE for the PC. It lets you command your own ship and beam down to do some shopping and a lot more. GAMESTOP still has the collector's edition for $13.90. And anyone who is anyone who loves STAR TREK will love this FREE-TO-PLAY online game as mutch as I do.


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I tried to play it when it went FTP but the registration system was ridiculous. I was doing everything right but it just wouldn't work. I gave up. Besides that I heard the ground combat is horrible. Ship combat is supposed to be cool though.


Btw why did you put a tag for gamertags?

I'm playing Star Trek Legacy now on the 360. Not an MMO, and online is pretty much dead, but you shouldn't miss this one if you're a Star Trek fan...

All Star Trek games are rubbish because none of them have offered a feature where you can tell people to "make it so", "engage" or refer to your first officer as "number 1".

I have the Star Trek D.A.C. It was fun for like a day.  

The only star trek game that i have played is star trek legacy. It was not that bad actually