Star Club - New Klondike Pack - Easy I - Puzzle 1 is UNSOLVABLE!

The top left puzzle where you have to take three 4s onto the top shelf. It is totally unsolvable. And it is rated easy. :-(

I am 99.99% sure of this because I have solved each and every puzzle in all other packs. 1190 stars before attempting this pack. Spent 2 hours on this and tried every move sequence. Not possible at all. I can probably write a program to perform a brute force search to prove it, but I don't think it's necessary.

I will mark this down as another blunder by the development team. So much time wasted on one broken puzzle. Not impressed. :-(


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Easy I * Klondike * is solvable, I finished all 10 packs right now. Just try again !!

ProductDock0955, you must be looking at the wrong pack. The NEW "Klondike" pack (released a few days ago) only have 8 sub-packs, all of which Klondike puzzles (a total of 80). You were probably looking at the Klondike sub-pack of the FABLE pack.

I came to the same conclusion. It is impossible.

Sorry for this mistake, you are right the new pack has  only 8 challenges.

But I solved  the pack - Easy I

I instead have  a problem with the *Expert I *now.

ProduktDock0955, did you solve the WHOLE 10 puzzles in the "EASY I" sub-pack of the "Klondike Collection Name" pack? I don't think so. You probably just solved one puzzle out of that pack, or solved the "EASY II" sub-pack instead. The puzzle I'm talking about is the "Card Challenge" where you need to "Play 3 Fours to the Foundation". I don't think it is possible to be solved at all. You can prove me wrong by either posting a complete walkthrough, or capture a screenshot and show it here. But I highly doubt you can do it.

I'm sorry I stand corrected. Just solved that challenge now. It has to be done in a extremely convoluted way to unlock the Ace of hearts. DEFINITELY NOT easy.

To make up for my earlier bold claims I will post a complete walkthrough soon.

Here is the complete walkthrough.

9 clubs to 10 diamonds

3 clubs to 4 hearts

2 hearts to 3 clubs

K spades to column 1

A clubs to foundation

8 diamonds to 9 clubs

7 diamonds to 8 clubs

7 clubs to 8 diamonds

A spades to foundation

Q hearts to K spades

2 clubs to foundation

J spades to Q hearts

10 hearts to J spades

6 clubs to 7 diamonds

5 diamonds to 6 clubs

A hearts to foundation

2 hearts to foundation

3 clubs to foundation

2 spades to foundation

3 spades to foundation

4 spades to foundation

3 hearts to foundation

4 hearts to foundation

5 hearts to foundation

J clubs to Q diamonds

10 diamonds to J clubs

J diamonds to Q clubs

4 clubs to foundation

It took me several tries, 30-45 minutes (lost track of time), but I beat it.  I have to wake up at 4am eastern time to drive to work in freezing rain, so I don't have time for a full play-by-play.

At the beginning/middle of the challenge, don't put the 6 of spades on the 7 of diamonds.  Instead dig down to the 6 of clubs, fourth from bottom of 5th stack.  This frees up the ace of hearts as the third ace for playing three fours.

After the 6 of clubs is down, play the 5 of diamonds to it to free up the 3 of spades.

I had skipped all the easy and medium challenges in this collection to concentrate on the hard and expert challenges to get stars as fast as possible.  My favorites are Freecell and Pyramid, and I skip all but the easiest Tripeaks challenges, so I have a lot fewer stars than you have.  Thanks for posting about this, I like a challenge.  :)

Although not impossible, this was harder than some of the expert boards.  They may have inadvertently marked it as "Easy" as it's draw-one, where most of the hard and all of the expert challenges in this collection are draw-three.

I'll be in heaven if Microsoft/Arkadium follow this up with all-Freecell and all-Pyramid Star Club collections. :)  Hint hint :)

EDIT:  You beat it while I was typing all of that :)

There was only the original post when I first saw this thread.  I guess I should've refreshed it after figuring out the challenge.

You're realy great, thanks a lot.


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