Standard CQ Rented Server - Looking for players

Me and some friends have thrown together a rented server that has normal conquest with normal settings and a normal map rotation.  We're going to enforce rules against spawn camping and other pet peeves like runway camping.  If anybody would like to join up and play just search for "Cones" on the server browser and it should pop up! 


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scrap metro and bazaar and maybe i'd join, but then again it is your server.

If you get spawn camped,It is your teams fault.Say your team caps all the flags,What you gonna do?sit back and wait until the other team comes back out and takes a flag to give them a chance?Its part of the game,You snooze,you loose.

"pet peeves" what?..getting your @@@ kicked?.....apparently thats a "pet peeve" to alot of renters.....'cause you clowns are banning people like mad.....I haven't banned a single person from my server.....someone would have to be getting pretty rambunctious with the intentional teamkilling for me to ban them.......I just want to server was called "Club Med", but my friends urged me to change it to "BC2 Style Hardcore" so people searching might find it

I will check it LAX.

How do you define the spawn?  what if you're looking in and someone shoots at you - these sorts of things are never as simple as they seem. 


  sounds like a rookie room to me