I've just statred using this lately and I'm having a bit of an issue.

     Its supposed to make you move faster while ads ........ but that only seems to work if I'm moving in a straight line.

     If I try to turn while ads, rounding a corner, through a door, or even just in a battle its almost as if I have been stunned.

    I've bumped up my sensitivity, which makes me turn faster while not-ads, but it doesnt seem to make a difference ads. 

   Has anyone else had this issue.?

    I think I'm going to have to get rid of it, ......... I'm trying to do challenges for sites and thought it would be helpful, but once I ads I just cant turn fast enough to catch my target.


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I found this problem when I first used it, I was having to use ext. mags as my shot was a lot worse. The turning corners ads will come in time and when it does you may consider said perk the best in tier 3. Now I aim horizontally with left stick which I think was meant to be, and I any vertical aiming is done with the right stick. This may not be be all end all way but I use Stalker a lot and this method wins me a lot of gun fights. I will say don't bother with Stalker on SMGs as they practically have it built in.

  Yeah, I used it a bit early on and it worked good like that ....... thats how I normally aim in a battle just moving side to side with the left stick.

  I was trying it out with the striker, and shottys to me mean a lot of maneuvering around corners and objects. I wound up giong back to dead silence and even bumped my sensitivity back down one, and i swear it seems I can turn twice as fast while ads as it was with stalker and sensitivity. up one.

  I can see it not helping .. but dont see why it slows it down. Unless it has something to do with the movement, when people use stalker, it almost seems like they slide along rather than walk.

Never noticed this, and i use Stalker a lot. Will make a concerted effort tonight to test this.


But I love this perk. ...Walking ADS=easy kills > Running=death.

At first, I struggled to control the fast movement while ads, but now its second nature. Just keep at it and it will be a very useful perk once you get the hang of it.

stalker is for homos.

Stalker is all I use in the 3rd slot. Hate when I prestige and have to play a few matches without it.

Me and my dead silence will never be separated

never noticed this...i use stalker on all the smaller maps for around tight corners. Love the pro variance for late explosives triggered.  

Use it mainly in Dome, Arkaden, Piazza, Village, Bootleg, Hardhat.   One of the perks I never use is Blind Eye...I really need to use it.

Also only use Extreme conditioning on Liberation.

It's pretty cool when two Stalker users get in a gun fight, it's more like a dance off :)

   It reminds me of tom cruise in risky business.

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