STAG Commando kills

I am in need of 5 more STAG commando kills to complete my final challenge and am looking for someone who still has STAG in their game and is willing to host a game. In return I would be willing to help with any missions if required.

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I think they still show up if you max out your police meter thing. The commandos drop in from the hover vehicles.

I have completed 100% of the missions, activities, etc, meaning that they are no longer in my game, even when I get the police metre up to 5 stars

Ok, wasn't sure. Can't help that one then. My existing save is also 100%. I keep it for times helping others as well, as it has all abilities unlocked, making it pretty much invincible as a backup for others.

@Ttt19, I think it would help if you told us what ending storyline you took. Did you do the storyline where you save Shaundi and Burt Reynolds from Kia? Or did you do the storyline where you have to destroy the Dreadnought?

I was lucky enough to find someone in a quick match who was able to help me out with the final challenge, thanks for your help anyway.

No problem. Glad to help. I think STAG stays after the storyline if you choose to blow up the Dreadnought, aka "STAG Film". I think they disappear if you choose to save Shaundi and Burt Reynolds from Kia. Can someone clarify this? I got a save corrupt and need to start over >:(