Staff and sword

Staff in one hand, sword in another - am I kidding myself?

Working allright early game but am I gonna hit a roadblock? Is it better to specialise heavily in either magic or weapons and not try to be proficient in both and so maybe spreading it a bit thin?

I expect to favour the staff with ATT at 25 odd and INT up towards 40+, but I'm thinking STR and DEX around 20-25ish to use one handed weapons well and maybe bump the rest up to 15ish odd (excepting Faith which I'll leave at base).

Will it work against the big fella's or should I specialise?


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(If you are talking about DS2) Personally I loved the Blue Flame. I was dual wielding them for the longest time and when you put a Crystal Magic weapon on one is does more damage the the staff of alama but just a bit less than the Staff of wisdom.


Only reason why I stopped using them, playing with swords made it feel too much like my other characters so I switched to pure staff character.

Staff and sword can be a powerful combination, especially if you infuse your sword with magic, have high INT, and use one of the magic weapon spells.  You'll have long range attacks that bait in opponents, then you'll be able to punish up close with your sword.  It will take some work figuring out the dodge timing on bosses, but if you can get that down you should be fine.

I use staff,sword + chime