SR3 Online Pass Included?

With SR3 going "Free" today, will the Online Pass be included?

If not, MS is going to have to do even more PR damage control.


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its already live, the game that is for free....

That doesn't answer my question.

I know but people will be coming asking the same thing, but I wouldn't count on it. the HALO drop was like that but worse as it falsely told you, you needed to buy packs to play online that you didn't need at all.

The hell are you talking about?

They gave away HALO for free not long ago, soon as you went online it would pop up saying you needed to buy map packs to play. Which in fact you didn't need them at all.

lots of people spent money they didn't need to, so if MS wouldn't apologize for ripping folks off, their not gonna worry about you actually needing to buy a pass for online.

Soooo is it going to be free or not? Tom has a valid question

Simple yes or no question

Id guess no, but have to wait till its done downloading to see if the on demand is different to be 100% sure.

game is already free, season pass, still unchanged price.

I can understand the season pass not being free because that includes all the dlc which with most games you have to pay for however I hope the online pass is free considering all it does is allow you to use you're Internet to play with others which in my eyes is ridiculous considering you're already paying for the game In question and the dlc if you choose to buy it

Has anyone confirmed that the online pass is no longer required yet?, I mean I still see that its 9.99 but I've seen in the past where games have stopped requiring an online pass yet the pass itself continued to stay on the marketplace.