SR 3 Avatar awards

Saints Row: The Third

Gat Bank Robbery Mask – Complete The Heist mission

Saints Row: The Third T-Shirt – Unlock the Flash the Pan achievement

Saints Row Logo T-Shirt – Upload a character to the community site

info here in page 4


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I so love it when games do this.  It really makes ( it does me) work/want those.  Not that its VERY special, there is just something about it.  Thanks BI

Cool. Thanks for the info, OP. I'll definitely be using the Johnny Gat mask.

Awesome. I was hoping SR3 was going to have avatar awards, as the avatar items they released didn't really spike my interest. All the while, I was asking myself "Where is the Johnny Gat mask?" and now we get it. Awesome :D

Awesome!!! cant wait to use the Johnny Gat  mask  

I'll carry juggernaut outfit! (if i get MW3 hardened edition...)

this is great. I love when my favorite games give away avatar awards.

It sucks cuz i only have one game that gave me rewards, Red Dead Redemption.

Alan Wake has rewards but you can only get them by playing the bonus disc in the collectors edition...which i do not have.

Don't worry about it, the jacket and scarf you get from the bonus disc aren't even that great. Both are from when Alan Wake was in pre-production, so the jacket is beige and the scarf is red. It just looks terrible.

I think your missing one.