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I'm looking for decent players that communicate and like the idea of working as a team to play. I've rarely get a good squad to play with and it can be very frustrating. I've seen how good squads can really run a match. It is impossible to make friends it seems on Battlefield 3 itself since no one ever has their mic in and when they do, they are really annoying. Post here if you want to play with like minded individuals. The more people that post and send each other friend requests, the better your chances of always running with a full squad.

I'm 21, play once in a while when school work isn't in the way, and will play any class based on the needs of the match/squad or if I'm trying to unlock something. I love piloting aircraft, if you spot it for me, I'll take it out.


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see post 'spotters and talkers please read' i made 2 minutes before this one. Its effectively what we're trying to do but by defining what servers and gamemodes we play (no good someone from US adding someone from UK because of lag)

Add me if ya like , i cant fly at all , but do like to play as a team

add me!

I'm in for some team play.

yep add me all who are in the uk

Sorry Bufger, one of the flaws to how I write posts, typically look at recent posts, hit start new thread, the leave it be for an hour to finally come back and type what I want. Anyway, I'm North America if anyone is worried about lag, I still don't mind playing on a European Server though.

On every evening playing battlefield add me if you want.

Feel free to add me. US servers I'm a Brit living in the US.