Squad tactics would be a nice addition

I'm sure a lot of ME fans have played Dragon Age: Origins, and remember how useful the squad tactics were.  I've always been surprised that Bioware didn't carry some of this strategy over to the ME franchise.  It's not like it would do anything to drastically alter the gameplay, and I think it might actually augment the experience.  I'm not looking for anything as complex as DA:O, but even some basic orders for taking cover, targeting certain enemy types, or protecting various squadmates.  Example:  setting a tactic where squads will switch to a certain ammo type as soon as you encounter enemies with either shields, barrier, or armor.  I'd also like to be able to set  fall-back orders, where squad might pull back to better cover if enemies close to within a certain distance.  Any thoughts?


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The way the gameplay flows now and the pacing of combat that they are going after, as seen in the E3 footage, it just wouldn't mix.

It would be great to have squad tactics, don't get me wrong I would love to set my own tactics for the squad to follow. Because as of right now the squad AI in both ME 1 and ME 2, especially ME 2, are pretty much retarded to speak bluntly.  But like I said, the way the combat seems to flow and the pacing of it, it just wouldn't fit in like it does in a game like DA.

Dragon Age 2's combat is much faster than Origins, yes. However it's still a much different game than Mass Effect.

Now I have to admit, in the footage from E3 the squad AI seems to of improved, but of course we won't know until we actually get to play it or more in depth footage is shown.  So because of that, I'll just hold out optimistic hope that we won't get the same retarded AI that we had in ME 2 where half the time you give them orders and they never follow it, let alone stay in cover for more than 5 seconds and then ultimately die because they thought it'd be a great idea to sight see while fighting Collectors.

The only part that drove me nuts about team AI on insanity, they are so retarded you basically have to fight alone. They will lean out of cover while being suppressed by enemy fire, and die.

Oh my god, trying to restart those air conditioning fans on Mordin's recruitment mission... that was when Miranda tried a new tactic of trying to block rockets with her face.  Didn't end well... Garrus could have told her, but he was dead on the floor coz he decided it'd be a good idea to snipe a Krogan from one meter away.

What a waste of MediGel!

I found the simplest approach most of the time was just direct them to cover and hope they stayed alive long enough to debuff most of the enemies.