Squad Player.

The Squad is the core of the game. I mostly play Recon, with a shotgun, and I spam Motion Mines. So I need a Assualt who will drop ammo. Constantly! Also a Medic would be helpful. Engineers are usefull, but only on certain maps. If your a Squad minded player, please add me. I promise it'll. be SUPERHEAVYDOODY. I guarantee we will be in running for best squad pin. And your ace pin!,

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Waiting to see what the bc2 elitists think about this setup.

elitist, no. better informed, yes. Sounds fine. I was running recon with the 870 and just used the kits lying around for health and ammo. when do you usually play? I usually run assault, so a recon that understands the role is always welcome.

Its the setup that I used when playing recon, but its quite cheap with the slugs equipped.

I hate slugs, I use the m1911 for distance shots.

Yeah the slugs got really annoying

at least there were no grenade rounds for the shot guns

Yes,often I'm left no other choice but to pick up someone else kit because some players don't know how to use their kits