Squad minded spotter BF4 player on X360 - with mic - looking for players

Hey guys

Have been playing BF4 on X360 for the last two weeks and loving the maps. But sorely lack the squad and communicative component that I feel is critical for this game. Looking for like-minded, vocal and active players on the X360 so we can form a squad and have some fun together. 

I am not a competitive player, and play mostly recreationally (daily) - but I am not allergic to winning a few rounds either. I favour the Engineer and Support kits, but am slowly improving as an **** kit user as well - primarily going forth as a field medic role. I do not mind playing supportive roles and getting lower scores if it means wins for the team. 

Ping me or add me on XBOX Live (gamertag: BigRedTerry) if you have similar interests! Looking forward to it. 




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Glad to add ya, Terry!

Thanks for having me Inferno..

I need some team playing squad mates too, anyone from the uk would be ideal because of the time difference, but anyone is better than randoms.

I'm down to play, from the states but the main guy I play with is a red coat.

Hey Battlefield bros! I play with my friend whom I work with and his cousin. There are a few other guys we play with. I am all about sqaud work and will call you out if you arent cooperating. I love battlefield and I can get competitive but all around I like to chill and have a good match. I am a jack of all trades so I can do anything in BF. I am looking for more bros to play with because randoms just get old. Peace!

I sent you guys PMs as well.

Join our squad and let's dominate!

Finding squad mates is hard to come by. I tried a few guys out to run with my buddy and I but no luck. I run heavy support class while he runs recon 75% of the time switching between sniper rifles and carbines. I am tired of people giving him trash for playing like how a sniper should.

I just sent you a PM. Have a read and then come join me!

I am also looking for some people to squad up with. I just got the game yesterday but been playing BF3 for a few months so still a little new Battlefield. I play Rush and Conquest mainly and i play as a Support and Engineer class. Love to have fun and love having some good ole competition! feel free to add me guys :)

Sent you a PM as well Cerberus.

* Please try a lower page number.

* Please enter only numbers.

* Please try a lower page number.

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