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I am looking for a group of players to play with on a regular basis. All my firends are die hard COD players and I enjoy playing that game as well, but only for short periods. I have a decent connectin 20 down w/ 4 up and also a headset (Astros A40's 2011 ed.). I loved bc2 but this game is kicking my butt coupled with the fact that I don't have ppl to play with and we all know how fun BF is playing it by yourself. My stats are terribe: .98 K/D with about a 1.11 W/L :( I loved the teamwork that was bc2 and am looking for some ppl to COMMUNICATE with and hopefully have some fun at this game. I do not snipe so you won't get that dreaded spawn that makes you run for five minutes back to the obj lol. I think I am currently a level 24 and I am not a famas ***-I try to level every gun as I unlock them. If interested just mess: WiNNTTeR



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Can add, have mic and I profession in vehicles mostly.

Unfortunately I already have a dedicated squad of friends, but what I'm posting for is to let you know that those are not bad stats at all, especially for playing alone. Besides, anyone who tries to jibe you for them isn't worth being in your squad anyway.

Add me if you want, but time zones will be the thing. :S

ALWAYS looking for people that talk.  I play alone 99% of the time.  My stats would be through the roof if I had a squad that worked together.  Feel free to add me.